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By Admin, 07/15/18, 12:30PM CDT


Our son, Austin, has both trained and played for both Coach Puffer and Coach Gordon for two years.  Just within these two seasons, we have seen Austin mature both in the physical and mental aspect of his approach to his baseball career.  Coach Puffer and Coach Gordon, both place a high standard on their core values, in both life and baseball.  In doing so, this has created a family atmosphere with the parents and athletes. 

With the combination of Austin working hard towards playing baseball in college, and Coach Puffer and Coach Gordon working diligently in the recruiting process, Austin’s dream to play college baseball has been realized, Austin has committed to TCU.  During the process, as parents, Both Coaches gave us their opinions, both the positives and negatives. The recruiting process can be a roller coaster ride, but by asking questions and finding the right fit for your son, both Coach Puffer and Coach Gordon eased our minds.

One thing that sticks out with both Puffer and Gordon, is their love for baseball and their love to give that knowledge to the kids they come in contact with.  They are able to do so on a level that translates into the way the kids play the game.  There is higher level of respect for the game and all its attributes.

As parents, we are blessed to have Coach Puffer and Coach Gordon in Austin’s baseball wheelhouse. ---Traci & Aaron Plante


Having participated in the select/club baseball world for 15 years both as a coach and a parent, I can say without a doubt our experiences with Brandon Puffer and Brian Gordon put them at the top of the list. There is no doubt they opened very specific doors and presented very real opportunities that have allowed my son to play beyond high school!

Having thorough baseball experience as a player and a coach, I understood many of the pitfalls that can come from club organizations (e.g. business first mentality, ‘daddy ball’, bloviating instructors, etc…). We experienced no such issues.

On the contrary, we were reintroduced to the fun of baseball; the experience of playing the game at a high level and also enjoying the game.

A few notes about these coaches:

The coaches were reachable and real.

The coaches were cognizant of the players health; never knowingly risking injury.

The coaches relate to the players at a level that successfully connects and motivates in a POSITIVE way.

On more than one occasion, I witnessed the coaches observe a player flaw then correct the flaw in a way the player understood resulting in immediate positive results.

The coaches would not lead players/parents with false promises and commitments.

The coaches have and use connections to provide selective opportunities for a player to move to the next levels after high school.

The coaches proved caring and of high integrity.

The coaches often went above and beyond expectations.

Simply put, these men are special on and off the field. We consider ourselves blessed to have crossed their paths and be part of their success story. - Bobby Montgomery


Our son Jacob was fortunate enough to play for two seasons with Coaches Brandon Puffer and Brian Gordon. From the first night we met the coaches, their passion was obvious. Though they each expressed a great love and knowledge about the game of baseball, it was obvious that their experience in baseball was also a vehicle for them to be a positive impact not only on our son, but all of the members of the organization.

Like many players, Jacob had a goal to play college baseball. Coach Puffer and Coach Gordon provided Jacob a wealth of knowledge through the entire recruiting process up until the time he signed with the University of Arkansas. As a former high school baseball coach of 16 years, I was impressed with the way the coaches kept the players confident and focused, yet even in the highly competitive environment, with recruiters in the stands, the simple joy of the playing the game was always evident from the players. From the coaches, the players, and families involved, it truly was a TEAM. Their influence and support of all the players insured the pressure of the game would never outweigh their love of the game.

There is no doubt Jacob improved in all areas of baseball, as a player and teammate, but I too am thankful for the impact made on him to continue to improve as a man. As a father, I could not have hoped for a better experience for my son.  – CJ & Kristi Wilk


Brandon Puffer and Brian Gordon have been amazing to work with.  These two men have tremendous knowledge of the game of baseball and are very connected within the MLB and collegiate system along with being good Christian leaders.  They have taught our son not only how to be a better player, but also how to be a better person.  We could not ask for two better men to mentor and guide our son through his baseball journey.  - Chapel and Shelly Schuessler


I learned that no matter what the score is the most important thing is to always play hard -- Jackson Massey


We cannot say enough about Brain Gordon, Brandon Puffer and the entire staff at GPS Texas Baseball.  It is hard to find men of such integrity in the competitive world of youth sports these days.  These men truly understand the impact they are making on these boys, and the foundation needed to develop their players into great young men, as well as the best baseball player they can be.  I could not be more impressed with their dedication and belief in “The Process”, and for my son the results speak for themselves.  The program we witnessed was built on rock solid core values, patient and focused teaching, unmatched coaching and playing experience, and an unconditional love for their players that is set in a confidence building and encouraging environment.  This was hands down the greatest baseball experience our family and my son have been a part of in all his years of baseball.  The best part is, he loves his coaches as much as he loves the game itself now and he could not be more excited about getting back on the field.  My son loves baseball again, Thank you!”  --Ryan and Sarah Cox


Most enjoyable season I've ever had, by far, play hard and the right way and you'll have no regrets -- Mason Montgomery


The experience of the GPS coaching staff is amazing compared to other organizations out there.  They truly are committed to getting the best out of each player through their instruction and compassion.  More importantly, they connect well with both players and families.  This positive culture provides extreme relief for our family compared to previous experiences.  We are so fortunate to be a part of the GPS organization – Chris Gaido


How to be a good teammate and I get to play for Gordon and Puffer two more years! -- Kimble Schuessler


Baseball is more than just a sport. It made me really appreciate playing the game. It takes a tough player to be able to overcome that bad at bat and come back and do better than the last. .  Give it that last bit of energy in your body so you can sacrifice yourself for the team.  This has been my favorite summer baseball team by far, all of the players get along together and I'll miss playing with them. I feel like I have another family away from home. —Jeffrey Padavick


We have lived in Austin for the past 3 years, prior to that we lived in California and Florida.  Therefore, we have been part of baseball programs in the 3 of the strongest sports states in the country.  I personally have a baseball background, and ended up having 2 rotator cuff surgeries that ended my career.  Based on this history and injuries, we are extremely selective in the coaching of our son, Jimmy.

Jimmy has been involved with Coach Puffer and Coach Gordon for the last couple of years, and I couldn’t be happier with his development, the instruction, the mental approach, and the relationship that has been built.  They both have experience at the highest level, and I can’t say enough about the way the way they teach, the trust they form, and the integrity they have.

Our goal is to put our kids in a program that will develop them to their capability and keep them loving the game, with hopes that one day they can play college ball and perhaps even beyond.  The recruiting process can be extremely stressful, and we are very grateful that we had Coach Puffer to not only give advice but to actively solicit colleges on Jimmy’s behalf.  Thanks to his help Jimmy received multiple offers and ultimately decided on his dream schools, LSU. 

We feel very fortunate to have found Coach Puffer and Coach Gordon, and I would recommend GPS to anyone serious about having their kid develop in baseball and as human beings. -Jim Lewis


I learned from both Coach Gordon and Puffer about the mental side of the game and maturity in general.  Coach Gordon would give me an adjustment to make and then tell me to “trust it” knowing it would work. Incredible experience, not only was the team very talented and successful, they were all close like family. Philippians 2:3 Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility, count others more significant than yourselves. – Zach Thomas


Our son, Luke, had the privilege of playing baseball this past season under the direction of the awesome men running GPS Texas Baseball.  What an amazing and refreshing opportunity this was, not only for Luke, but also for our entire family.  From a coaching perspective, we could not have asked for more.  The coaching was first and foremost about teaching the boys the correct techniques and fundamentals of baseball, really working with them on developing not only their individual skills, but also learning how to be a team player.  The atmosphere was completely positive and uplifting-no negativity, just positive reinforcement and encouraging words, while having fun with friends too!  Luke learned so much about the game, while also developing a greater passion and love for the game; something we feel is so important and valuable for a young boy.   We were so impressed with the experience Luke had, that when try-outs came around for our older son, Jake, we signed him up.  We were thrilled to get the call that Jake made the team in his division and would also be mentored and coached under the direction of the GPS Texas Baseball Program.  This baseball program is top-notch and we are thrilled to be a part of the GPS Family!  -Irwin Family (Chris, Kathy, Jake & Luke)


To be humble, to give it all I have on and off the field – Chase Ruston


I learned from both coaches to always have a positive attitude no matter what – Garrett Philips


My favorite story of Coach Puffer was when we played BVR in the championship game and show how much he cared about us and how much he was will to do for us.  To always compete and have fun.  Playing with this team has changed my life.  It hasn’t just made me a better baseball player, but also has made me a better person off the field.  The players that I have with will always be my close friends and I will always remember the great times we had at tournaments.  They always told us to always compete and to hustle – Matthew McMillian

My son played for Coach Puffer during the 2014 summer and fall seasons.  Coach Puffer is one of his favorite coaches that he has had in any sport.  From what I have observed, Coach Puffer has the perfect personality and demeanor for relating to the boys on ball field situations, in the dugout, and on the practice field.  He's always smiling and never got stressed about anything that was happening on the field.  The consistency in his manner on the sidelines and in the dugout builds confidence and calms the boys when game situations become intense.  In such high pressure game situations, Coach Puffer always says the right thing to calm the boys down and was able to get them to execute on the field.  He is also outstanding at instruction and is one of the best pitching coaches I've seen at the high school level.  All of our pitchers improved significantly under his guidance.  My son is a catcher and he also gained significant insight from Coach Puffer related to playing his position, which is obviously closely tied to the pitching position.  As I said, Coach Puffer is one of his favorite coaches. -- Todd Helwig


Coach Puffer was the best baseball coach that Kalub has had, ever!  Coach Puffer was our answer to prayer!  Honestly, his past means nothing to me.  I was a little reluctant in the beginning of the season not really knowing him and anything about his character, but once I saw that his character does not reflect the character of a man that made those wrong decisions in the past, I wasn't worried at all!  I see a good man in Coach Puffer, and a man that loves God and his family more than anything, and nothing could make us happier!  He is not only a man of good character, but he is a man that knows how to coach these young men (well, we may be able to call them men at this point :) in a way that they listen and respond to.  Our experience was great could not have been happier!  --The Fosters


I can't say enough good things about Coach Puffer. Our experience with him on and off the field was great. He is a very knowledgeable coach, taught the kids a ton and could relate very well to his players. He always had them ready to play and they excelled as a team under him. He made sure he always did what was best for his players and he truly cared for them. For him, it was more than just about baseball. It was teaching respect for the game and being respectful as young men. He always had a great demeanor and carried himself well, no matter what situation was put on front of him. He was a gracious winner and a gracious loser, and this translated to the boys. He was always honest, straightforward and would answer any question you had. I personally enjoyed getting to know both him and his family. They are great people and he and Lisa always went out of their way to talk to you. I didn't know him at all until our son started playing for him. As I was around him more, and got to know him more, the more respect and trust I had for him. We were all disappointed when we learned he was leaving...none more so than our son Cooper. Cooper loves Coach Puffer and loved playing for him. The thing that speaks volumes for us is that we chose to go with Coach Puffer for all the reason above. He is a great coach, role model based on Christian beliefs. There is no one we would rather have our son play for and the same holds true for Cooper. I trust 100% that Coach Puffer will make Cooper a better ball player, a better person and will always have the best interest of Cooper in mind.—The Phelan Family


Coach Puffer is a consummate professional. Every interaction he had with my child and every child I saw him interact with was appropriate, focused and centered on instruction. He works hard and maintains high standards for himself and the kids.  – Sandi


Coach Puffer coached my oldest (16) son and gave pitching lessons to my youngest (13).  I don't know any of the facts related to his past, but I can speak for my experiences with him currently. Both of my boys as well as my wife and I felt he was extremely kind and professional. It always seems clear to me that his main concern is for the well-being of his players. He is always inspirational with his positive attitude. Both of my sons have spoken positively of him as a Coach and, I have been glad to have him assist in developing their baseball skills both due to his knowledge of the game as well as his steady demeanor and great ability to communicate sportsmanship and an overall positive attitude. I have and would continue to recommend him to others as one of the best coaches we have had the good fortune to encounter. It would appear to me that his current actions are without question, inspirational to the players around him, and I have never felt compelled to question his past beyond that.  – Stacey Cox